Love Always And Forever

Lily Collins – Unfiltered

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I loved this book. Lily Collins, a very talented Hollywood actress but relatable in every single way. She wrote about her upbringing, her teenage years, the struggles she’s been going through, mental health and family issues. Everything that she achieved, everything she’s been going through shaped her into the person she is today. A brave, inspiring, amazing young woman. 





I guess when we grow up and make our first experiences with love, relationships and maybe, but hopefully without any bad experiences, we might silence ourselves. We let bad things happen and don’t speak up or ask for advice. We might let this new boyfriend or girlfriend tell us that we have to act in a certain way or another, let them tell us what we are allowed to wear and what not, who we are allowed to see or not….If we are an insecure person,it is even easier for another one to manipulate us and make us feel worthless and in that case, we often aren’t courageous anymore to

 tell the truth about this boyfriend or girlfriend. Being honest with ourselves and freeing us from such a person becomes almost impossible and talking about it, everything concerning this particular relationship. We might even feel embarassed to let things go off in such a horrible direction, even though we don’t have to feel that way.

Lily Collins is so brave to open up about her bad experiences of that kind of relationship and empowers other women and girls to let such a person go. To be brave, to know your value and to use your voice and talk to other people.



In these modern days, where social media literally rules the world, we are confronted with pictures of women that are so perfect, we feel pressured to look just like that. Even worse, people or men almost expect us to look like photoshopped girls. Almost inevitably, girls develop eating disorders to get that picture-perfect body, they look in the mirror and don’t see their beauty anymore, since they don’t have a tiny little snub nose etc. 

Lily Collins also struggled from these issues and fell into deep depression and eating disorder and went through a lot of pain to gain “control” and perfection. 

Watch her movie “To the bone” on netflix, it’s worth it.

_MG_9461Inspiring in so many differend ways, this book is a must-read!


Author: Laura

Just a 22 year old vegan who lives in Germany with dog and boyfriend, studies dentistry, loves coffee and who shares her random thoughts on life, posts about Fashion and books. Enjoy :D

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