So….we need to talk…

As you know I am pretty new to blogging…You might have noticed that my blogposts are not that structured: one book review was written in german, then another one was written in english, same thing with my fashion posts…..




Well, I decided to write all of my future posts in English and also cover a few more topics, such as nutrition and recipes as I switched to a vegan diet and want to tell you about my experience with it. Posts about my favourite products are also about to come and a monthly post about my top influence or person that I look up to.






_MG_8710You see, I am a twenty-two year old and still creating myself, constantly changing mystyle and trying to be the best version of myself.I am a student, I am a daughter, I am a girlfriend, I am a sister, I am a friend……sometimes it’s hard living up to everyones expectations and most importantly to my own, since I don’t want to disappoint myself or the people around me closest to my heart. 







I know I am a regular person, still unique as anybody else, sharing common problems and difficulties. That’s the reason why I want you to know me just a little better and share some of my thoughts on a regular basis on my blog. Guess this post can count as the first one of this kind. Leaving you with my plans for my upcoming blogposts and hope that you’re going to accompany me on this road:

_MG_8699Inspire, enjoy life and good luck with your plans

Laura 🙂



Author: Laura

Just a 22 year old vegan who lives in Germany with dog and boyfriend, studies dentistry, loves coffee and who shares her random thoughts on life, posts about Fashion and books. Enjoy :D

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