Favourite Book (September)


The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas)

Omg, I don’t know where to begin. This YA book is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. A young teenage girl, Starr, has to deal with the death of her best friend Khalil, who got shot by a police officer. Not only does she have to deal with normal teenage drama but she also has to deal with her friend’s death, handle her life at school where she’s almost only surrounded with “white” people and fear for her life when opening up about Khalil’s murder, in which she was the only witness.

This story that Angie Thomas created is heartbreakingly real and should be read in every educational facility. She created such authentic characters and made me once again realise how messed up society can be. So many people get treated extremely disrespectful, human rights are abused and there is still racial prejudice.

It inspires people to use one’s voices and become as brave as Starr in order to make a change.

Angie Thomas, you used your voice beautifully!




Author: Laura

Just a 22 year old vegan who lives in Germany with dog and boyfriend, studies dentistry, loves coffee and who shares her random thoughts on life, posts about Fashion and books. Enjoy :D

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