Coffee? Yes Please!

I guess there’s no need mentioning my love for coffee. Do you know that warming feeling when getting up and smelling freshly brewed coffee? THE most wonderful smell!  No matter if it’s a Macchiato, Cappuccino, Americano etc. I always have a cup of coffee accompanying me through my daily grind….hmmm yes. maybe not that healthy…well, It’s better if we don’t start discussing my bad coffee habit, I just admit that I’m a coffeeholic.
Ironically there’s always a lot one can discuss over a hot cup of coffee, something I always notice when I meet up with my friends. You know this too, right?
So just enjoy your day, your life and of course your coffee 🙂


Author: Laura

Just a 22 year old vegan who lives in Germany with dog and boyfriend, studies dentistry, loves coffee and who shares her random thoughts on life, posts about Fashion and books. Enjoy :D

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